About Us

VADACTRO is an Indian organization specialized in Research, Innovation, Design & Development of Consumer technology products like Home Automation and lighting control systems. VADACTRO has developed the latest concepts and outstanding solutions in the form of all its innovative and unique products for consumer companies in India & America. Joint collaboration with the leading Universities (Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune University & Amravati University) in India has been very helpful to develop the user friendly designs & work force for future.


  • Develop state of the art IoT enabled Smart Products in India which can compete with world’s best in class brands on quality and performance.
  • Effective implementation of “Made in India” and “Make in India” with excellent design, product and services support.
  • Provide an Incubation Platform for Students with Bright Ideas.
  • Create Employment Opportunities in Rural India.

VADACTRO Introduces Technology Platform

(IoT Applications Framework for Smart Devices)

SL-BUS Technology is a platform created by VADACTRO that enable manufacturers to bring their products quickly to the world of connected devices. SL represents "smart life" and the BUS represents "communication". Small but powerful SL-BUS Technology module offers easy integration for any product and takes care of all kinds of processing needs for a product from simple sensory application to the complex audio/video data streaming applications.


Our Customers have trusted the SL-BUS technology platform offerings from VADACTRO and most of them have developed products around it which are performing well in the market. Newly associated customers have already signed NDA with us and their products are in development stage, sooner they will be in the market.
VADACTRO team is committed to provide excellent product and support to our valued customers.
Selected few of them are -

SmartLiving Home Automation Pvt. Ltd.

SmartLiving is associated with VADACTRO from day one. Excellent product promotion experties, excellent installation and post-installation support helped VADACTRO to root their feets in home automation market segment. Today VADACTRO promotes all its Home Automation products through this channel partner under the theme "Powered-By VADACTRO"

OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions LLP

OSUM is our value-added Customer and Marketing Channel partner for SmartLiving Home Automation Products. SmartLiving range of home automation products coupled with stylish accessories by OSUM offers perfect and wide range of product portfolio for the Smart Home Automation Market Segment

MIRC Electronics Ltd.

Onida Launched first IoT enabled airconditioner in Indian Market in 2014, This product was developed under the theme "Product-by Onida - Powered by VADACTRO" IoT Technology. Team VADACTRO worked very closely with team ONIDA to shpe up this innovative product in the market.

Leap Infosys Pvt.Ltd.

Leap Info Systems is pioneer in providing Connected Lighting solution in commercial and Industrial segment in India and abroad. Leap Info Systems and VADACTRO in collaboration have developed SL-BUS to Niagara interfacing product. This SL-BUS-NIAGARA bridge product is "Powered-By VADACTRO" and will be taken into market by Leap Info Systems and their channels.

Intelux Electronics Pvt.Ltd.

Intelux is leading supplier of LED Drivers, Power electronics experties from Intelux coupled with VADACTRO's SL-BUS Technology has created new range of products in their product portfolio to address Smart-Street Lighting solution components. Further in association with VADACTRO Intelux is developing WiFi Based Smart-FAN

Solutionsline SoftTech Pvt.Ltd.

VADACTRO is working with solutionsline to develop range of Industrial sensor network for the speacially tailored application need.


these are -


Consumer - B2C

Smart Home Product Research


Enterprise - B2B

B2B IoT SL-BUS Technology Solutions


VADACTRO Education

Bridging The Gap
(An Industry inclusive Ecosystem with Futuristic approach)


IoT Evaluation Kit for Students and Hobbyists

VD-IOT-EVALKIT provide embedded developers a way to quickly develop and prototype Wi-Fi connected embedded products that interface with peripherals over the GPIO, UART, I2C and SPI at one end and talk to the AWS IoT service at the other.

University Programs (IoT Technology Education)

The main objective of this program is to bridge the gap between the industry & academia. We believe that any technology evolves more rapidly when more and more brains works on it. Linux is the best example, we believe in open source philosophy. Sharing knowledge is the best way to achieve success and Educating people is the only way to achieve it. VADACTRO works with customers, installers, developers and students in all stages to take this technology to the new horizon. VADACTRO Education is our social responsibility through which this technology is planned professionally to spread into educational systems, institutions and the Universities. Under this program VADACTRO offers IoT Evaluation kits for students that includes IoT MCU board, Debugger, SDK, Documentation, Trainings and Support.